Steps: Add Single Publication

This page walks you through the addition of a single publication record. Click on images to expand. If you have not yet consulted the Publications User Guide 'before starting' checklist, please do so before continuing.

Step 1: Select 'Add new individual publication' from the Work with Publications menu, located beneath your account navigation menu after logging in.


All publications should be submitted through the old CEU archive web-site!


Step 2: To begin the process, either select the publication type or directly paste in a BibTex entry to forward to the editing screen.

Step 3: Begin filling in the information. For the author reference, begin by typing in your last name and wait for the suggestions to appear. If there is only one variation, select that one. IMPORTANT: If there is more than one variation of your name appearing, you first need to verify which variation is linked to your account. Selecting the wrong name variation is the single most common reason why submitted publications do not appear on the profile as desired. Clarify by writing to the web team:

Do this with the instruction of Step 4, otherwise, skip to Step 5.

Step 4: Open a new window or tab, and click on the 'my account' link from your navigation menu, then on the edit tab. Notice the name variation entered into the 'Link my profile from this author in the Biblio database' field. Pick this from the author reference as shown in Step 3. Then continue with Step 5.

Important: Old profiles at do not any connection with profiles

Step 5: Continue to fill in fields as appropriate.

Step 6: Continue to fill out, paying close attention to the unit reference field. Adding a reference here will allow your publication record to be viewed in your department's publication list. Also, if you can share a full text in Doc or Pdf format, attach here. Importantly, if the full text should appear only via the publisher website, paste that link into the 'link' field.

Step 7: You can paste full text into this section if attaching a full text file is not possible.

Note: If the publication type is one of the following: Book, Book Chapter, Thesis, Journal Article, Book Review, Working Paper, Conference Paper, and Editor (Journal), it will appear on your Publication Repository page. The CEU Library reserves the right to edit/remove records on the Repository, for accuracy.