Before Starting Checklist

If you do not yet have any publications associated with you in the system (quickest way to check this is at your profile page -- any publications will be listed at the bottom), please review the following checklist of questions before getting started:

  1. What material to I have a right to publish? The SHERPA/ROMEO database is an excellent place to review any questions of copyright.
  2. Am I aware where publication records can be displayed?  the Publications Repository
  3. Am I aware that there is a small delay in content appearance for unauthenticated users? There is a (by design) 15 minute delay of newly-published items for their appearance to unauthenticated users. This may affect the appearance of an item on your department profile or publications page, ie. if you are not also logged in to your department website, it will take 15 minutes for a new publication to appear in those locations.
  4. Do I have my publication records organized by software which can export them in XML format? To execute a batch import of publications, you will need to be able to export them in a common format like BibTex, EndNote XML, MARC, or RIS. (not necessary for individual publication adding). For a good overview of reference management software, visit:
  5. Do I understand the workflow for adding my publiction to the Publications Repository? Of the publication types supported by our system, the following 8 may be submitted for inclusion in the Repository: Book, Book Chapter, Thesis, Journal Article, Book Review, Working Paper, Conference Paper, and Editor (Journal). All submissions of these types immediately appear on your Repository page. The CEU Library reserves the right to edit/remove records on the Repository, for accuracy.